Las Fotos Project: 📸 by Wendy Cubillo

The city brightens up and is “live and in living color” in the summer like no other season. If you pay attention and open your eyes, you will see the city come to life and will feel the vibe instantaneously shift. Wendy Cubillo, a CEO graduate of Las Fotos captured this feeling behind the camera lens - showing the special features of summer and its “radiance” - all in Trixxi Clothing.

As the ultimate Creative Director of the entire shoot, Wendy carefully selected specific mediums to use for color saturation and concentration. She artistically used colors of the sun, from pinks to accents of a bright yellow. With every shot, the background complimented not only the theme of the shoot but every Trixxi dress represented. The props that were used as “pops” of color artistically celebrated summer with the use of “red chairs” and a signature “yellow” with a single sunflower, popsicle, and bag.

Bright, brilliant, and bold describe the definition of summer in the city through the eyes of a photographer who not only showed the functionality of Trixxi but how Trixxi Clothing fits in every day, summertime living.